Give To The Old Shoes A New Image

If you don’t find the perfect shoes, you can make the old ones looking like new.

It is not very easy to start to change a pair of shoes, but if you want to save money it is necessary to take into account this possibility. When you start doing one thing you should not necessarily focus your attention on yours economies, but what do you really need.

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Using glue and several pieces of material you can turn an ordinary pair of shoes in one you are looking for it for months. You need an old pair of leather shoes, thin pieces of paper or stamps, scissors, ribbon, buttons and stickers.

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First of all you should clean very well the shoes. If you use stamps you do not have a lot to do, but if you use pieces of paper you have to cut them into small pieces. Apply them with glue on the shoe and press down with fingers to not stay creases. Cover the top of the shoe the last one, this is the hardest step. After you finish applying a substance so as to make the new shoe will be waterproof.

Finally apply ribbons, buttons or other accessories that you want the new shoe to have.

How To Wear Boots In Summer

Few think of boots as summer shoes, but stylists recommend them as an accessory as hot as the sun. Courageous women in terms fashion they wear no matter what, ignoring the turned heads and wondering eyes. Boots look very cool at skirts, mini dresses and pants.

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The most famous and most controversial in summer boots are models from Australians UGG. Thick and with fur, seem more than warm, but the owners, become true fans once they have purchased them, they know in summer are very casual. Made from sheep’s wool, UGG boots have become a cult among celebrities, which harmonizes on jeans on, silk or cotton.

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They find their place next to almost any material and color, making it the most obvious enhancement of an outfit. For an eccentric touch, you can match even the swimsuit on the beach. Note, however, especially in this case, harmonize them perfectly to some tonic and tanned legs, even if you are mignon like Eva Longoria or high as Elle MacPherson.

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Finally, if you are not crazy about sheep wool UGG brand, try a thin pair of boots, suede, airy and eventually perforated in different patterns. They wear below the knee, mid-thigh or above the ankle. If you have thin legs, put them in evidence with a pair that can collect around the joints. Casual outfit are a nice summer for an exit to the terrace, a walk in the park or outdoor party.

Learn To Walk In Heels Without Any Discomfort

Heels, and especially high, can make you bitter days, even if the view that it provides can be extremely … sweet! Several hours perched on a sexy pair of sandals can give back and leg pain, and often, your soles are most affected.

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So here are some tips from specialists to help you last longer than a few minutes on the heels:

  1. As the heels are higher, the more evident will be the tend to lean forward or back when we walk. Sometimes, in order to ease the situation, we tend to bound too much the knee during the walking. All this effort to resist to uncomfortable shoes creates only pain.
  2. Do not sit hunched not shrug your shoulders and do not pull back too much the buttocks. You are not on the podium, your position should be natural, not tortured, like top-model.
  3. On the bad road avoid pressure on the heel.
    When climbing stairs, sitting on the edge of the top half of sole stairs, when down, watch where you put your foot, but not move the entire head for it.
  4. How about a new pair of shoes (sandals) heels? Wear it a time in the house; buy silicone padding to ease the task of the supporting leg.

What Shoes Men Hate At Women

Usually, we think that men are not even aware of the accessories we choose when we compose an outfit. Trends in terms of shoes that men just hate to a woman will prove us how wrong we were.

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Boots like “Puss in boots”

For many women, these shoes can be an eccentric and interesting alternative to jeans or dress suit, especially they have the effect of thinning the legs. But for men, a woman with these boots accessorized reminiscent not only the story of Puss in Boots. Therefore, if you love very much this model of shoe wear it to a better night out with girls and in any case at a meeting with the man that you love.

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Ballet shoes with a sharp point

Comfort is not always the best principle by which you should take when you want to impress a man. If he repeatedly see you wearing this shoe model he can bend also of your ability to walk on heels, besides the design and look that he will consider simply stupid.

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Women’s sabots may seem interesting, considering that there are many models more or less fancy. But men do not get crazy about you when you wear it.


Spring/Summer Shoes Trends 2011

If small and medium heels have dominated trends in shoes before, spring and summer bring a wider variety of styles, emphasizing the extremes.

From very high heels, sandals and ballet shoes to flat sole designers have embraced diversity when they presented a collection of footwear for spring-summer 2011.

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Strong colors that will decorate the clothes this spring are common when it comes to shoes, but black and white outfits remain important elements that need a neutral element or chic.

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If high heels never made you trouble have not on walking the shoes for this spring/summer will delight you and will give you choices for a sexy outfit.

The strong colors highlight perfectly female line of shoes and boots with high heel of the season. The praised models are present in Louis Vuitton, Viktor & Rolf and Lanvin collections.

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The surest way to draw attention to the legs, shoes with small platform, “flat form” will certainly become one of the most attractive new trends of the season.

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From Alexander Wang and Derek Lam to H & M designers seem determined to exhaust in the summer the “flat form” style.

Shoes Trends Autumn / Winter 2011/2012

Every stylish girl knows that a pair of shoes can make all the difference in an outfit. For next season, the creators come up with a revolt of stunning models from where you can get inspire.
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You can find a variety of models, from the sole of low pay in high heels, platforms, from different materials (patent leather or suede, fur or velvet), while the colors used emphasizes the idea of a brazen contemporary woman they wear on any occasion with fashionable prom hairstyles.

Thus, collections of shoes for fall-winter 2011 bring back the spotlight prints the 30s and ’50s-’60s: platforms, belts related to the ankles, prints, thick heels, sharp or rounded and curved peaks … but keeps a large and current trends, allowing you to not give up the shoes that you already have in your closet just a few new models to complete the collection:
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To keep in mind the trends of 2011 straps tied around the ankle, which will become a must have shoe for fall of how other applications will also be on the block, above the toes or heels: ribbons, stones, feathers, knots or wicker, metal accents.

The trend in terms of color palette will include: black, white, metallic colors, neutral (nude), shades of blue, green (emerald hue will be a must have), brown, purple and red.

The materials in fashion will be: reptile skin, simple matte or glossy leather, suede, satin, fur and more.


What Should You Consider When You Buy Sport Shoes?

Researchers do not recommend people who run on a regular basis to do this sport without shoes or to stop running.

If the running shoes that you use are not sufficiently comfortable or injure you, you must change them. If you run regularly, it is recommended to try several types of sport shoes until you find the right ones. It is also advisable to buy 2-3 pairs of shoes to change them often.
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It is important to choose your shoes for running according to foot pronation (standard position of all tibia-fibula). If you have normal hollow foot, any sport shoe will fit you. Athletes with over-pronation are advised to use shoes that control pronation, while runners with under-pronation shoes will fit without pockets, which ensure natural foot movement.

Here are some tips from the American Association of Orthopedic Surgery:

  • Probe shoes with the same type of socks you are using them;
  • Make sure you can easily move your fingers after you’ve tied shoe laces and the heel does not slip when you step;
  • Try to make a few steps or walk a little through the store to make sure shoes are comfortable;
  • Always tie well your shoelaces when you try on the shoes, just to see if they are fixed;
  • If your job involves fieldwork, buy lightweight and comfortable shoes.



Red High Heel Shoes – How To Wear Them With Style!

If you have not in the wardrobe also a pair of red shoes, high heel, is the case to buy ones! No other but wearing them, you’ll feel like a Hollywood diva.
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Red shoes perfectly match with white, black, nude
Perhaps the most fabulous color combination when you decide to wear these shoes at a party with fashionable prom hairstyles, is the trio white, black or navy and red. It looks exceptional!

As a rule of good behavior, red shoes are wonderful matching to classic monochrome outfits, that is an all black, or all nude, but goes very well with the clothes in the same tone, that if you want to turn into “Lady in Red” !
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Red shoes hardly go unnoticed. Always in fashion, they talk about what brought them out for a walk. They attract the spotlight, because they cannot sit behind the curtain. They are not saying anything about the value but the attitude of the girl on that wears them…Strike the eyes but does not reveal anything much. Compare them with a kind word or a helping hand! They have already been subclasses. However, what people see and remember? Kind word or help? Or rather the color of some shoes?

Perfect Shoes, Depending On The Zodiac Signs – 2nd Part

Did you think that the stars can influence your choices and your closet preferences and also that ones in what concerning the choices of the shoes?

We present you below the latest six zodiac signs and the perfect shoes for each one:

Libra. You are very original. You find it hard to decide what to choose when you to buy shoes, so you certainly have many pairs. Gates extremely varied range of patterns and colors, but we can say that you are an enthusiast of platform shoes.
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Scorpio. You always choose shoes that define you, and high heels seem like they were designed especially for you! Charming and mysterious, you cannot stop to use the sexy side of shoes.

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Sagittarius. For you, comfort is the most important and you are always looking after beautiful shoes. Retro style attracts you.
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Capricorn. Business style shoes define you. You do not like to get too much out, so choose classic designs.
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Aquarius. Try everything new in terms of shoes. You want to be fashionable (or even before it) and opt for shoes with innovative designs.
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Pisces. Your oscillate between new and vintage. Whatever you do, you are all the time out of the stereotype.
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Now that we know which one are the perfect shoes for us, let’s go shopping!

I Want Those Shoes! What About You?

The preference for a certain type of shoes divides women in different camps and spiritual categories.

Paola Jacobbi in “I want those shoes!” addresses both ladies for helping them to understand their passion, and men, because it is a key that opens the padlock that hides the feminine mystery.

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Moccasin: feel divine
Moccasin shoe is comfortable by excellence, no frill shoe, for women who are very busy. Women, who drive, do sports, which did not have time for frippery. But bourgeois women especially, grown in environments where the mere sight of heels is something “vulgar”, where any hint either distant, to sex, is silenced in the name of discretion. And what’s more discreet than a pair of moccasins?

Life at the top
Shoes with pointed tip, in general, stretch and make the legs look thinner. Unfortunately, do not distract others eye from other imperfections: not saving a footballer pulp and an ankle a little crank. Instead, they emphasize risk, unlike the more rounded or square tips. And yet … Shoe sharp points as a banned game.

Ballet shoes and eternal desire to be Audrey
Ballet shoes are the equivalent of the white shirt: simple, elegant, classic chic that did not oblige. Both white shirt and ballet shoes are inextricably tied to Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon never matched.

High Heels: Sexy And … Unhealthy!

High heels are, undoubtedly, the eternal feminine. Any self-respecting woman should have at least one pair of shoes or sandals with heels more than 5 centimeters. We could call them a must, according to fashion. When it comes to health, however, things get complicated.

For beauty, women endure, suffer and make many compromises. Even if it means wearing a shoe that barely manage to keep the balance. If you find yourself in this description, remember: heels and foot health are not compatible!

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Here are several arguments designed to convince you to give up even sometimes heels.

1. Slipping feet, corns and ingrown toenails
Shoes with heels submit your legs to an unnatural position. Your feet will slip, and all the weight will be unevenly supported, only by the front of the feet. It is thus caused a friction between shoes and feet, which gives rise to pressure often painful, corns and ingrown toenails.

2. Position on tips of the feet, Achilles tendon disorders
The Arch position of the foot designed to mold to the shape of shoes with heels lead to incorrect contraction of the Achilles tendon (the largest tendon in the body that allows finger movements) while walking or while running. Necessarily follow joint pains and, in extreme cases, partial or total rupture of the tendon.

Brogue Shoes – 1st Part

The difference between an ordinary shoe and one with style is the way how it was worked, sewing, and the history that is behind it.

It is like a perfume because compositional mastery choice and proportions of essential oils can make the difference between a temporary perfume and one that last. Brogue shoes are represented by the shoe with decorative perforations. The term derives by the English word “brog”. In some Europe’s parts they are known as Budapest.

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The people who invented these shoes were the Olandish farmers. Because of the watery earth they made holes in thick leather shoes for the water to evaporate faster. In England this pair of shoes started to become popular between foresters and guards and later spread to the aristocrats, the first destination being hunting boots. Once brogue shoes made their way into nobility, they underwent a transformation process. The people who made shoes started to make brogues from a fine and thin leather, so the shapes of the shoes brogues became more elegant.

Another major effect on the shoe was giving up the functionality of the print initial drilling, making it just a decoration. Prints began to be more sensitive. The effects were productive because they gave us two pairs of shoes – full brogue and half brogue – in what concern the perforation used.

But this is not all, more information about brogue shoes in the next article.

Mexicans Crazy About Pointy Boots! Will You Wear It?

Believe it or not, but there are people who wear this boots with long sharp tip and they do it with pride and pleasure!

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If you think it’s a hoax, contrived by some men who want revenge on their lovers obsessed with shoes, you are wrong. This fashion started in Mexico in the city of Matehuala, and for the moment it remained there. Mexicans say this fashion started on one side of the current music and on the other hand, it is a competition between farmers – who wear pointy boots. And so they started making them increasingly pointy, until things got out of control. The pointy part of the shoes is made a part by plastic hose and the other is leather. They give this shape by using screws.

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Even if they are not very practical, the Mexicans think they are cool and wear them with delight. A home-born is proud that he made in just three days, a pair of boots with the peak long of 210 cm, so he earned the respect of all other farmers.

Would you wear something like this? Do you thing is it a good idea to import this type of shoes from Mexico

Handy Shoes

An Australian has developed a prototype mobile phone built into a shoe perfectly to wear.

The new brain wave creation of IT expert Paul Gardner-Stephen and one of his friends, shoemaker, require a great flexibility of the body to be used, but has the advantage that it is harder to lift than ordinary mobile phones.

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In the absence of body flexibility, the owner of the gadget that will be sell online is obliged to remove his shoe every time he want to talk on the phone. The device has the same functions as ordinary telephones, is more difficult to detect by unsuspecting eye. Handy shoe is very easy to use. Once it is calling, it only takes few seconds to be removed from the leg and use. It takes even less than if you had taken out of the bag, said Paul, who already tested it for three days in Adelaide.

According to him, although the people who passed by seemed slightly amused, a man who spoke to a shoe does not seem to give much attention.

Paul wants to create a first aid kit that can be worn in the shoe, and special shoes to know if their elders wear it somehow.

Animal Print Shoes

Animal print shoes will never go out of trends. Therefore you should know how to match it to not look weird when you leave the house.
Such shoes have a special personality. They will attract eyes in an instant, when you go out from the house with them.

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Combine shoes with an outfit “all black”. It is a sober but a safe choice. If your silhouette allow, you can try a skinny black jeans and a black large shirt (possibly falling over one shoulder). This style you can see at Kate Moss.
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If you want to be bold and sexy, try a molded body red dress above the knees and a pair of leopard print shoes. Remember, the heels have to be at least 10 cm long to make you look taller.

For a girl’s day out, you can stop at wearing blue skinny jeans with a white shirt. Again the animal print shoes will be the best piece.

Do not ever combine an animal print cloth to another. Do not combine colors in print with the rest of the clothes. Try to run away from colors that are on your shoes, orient yourself to other direction.

All You Should Know About Shoes

Do you want that your shoes to “live” longer? Here are some instructions that can help you to do this thing and also other things that it is good you know about shoes.

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• Before first use, apply shoe polish, even two times if it is necessarily.
• Never use detergent for textile shoes or any other type of material.
• Bright colored and pastel shoes during the time the colors become almost invisible. If you want this not happened you should use regular neutral cream and the deterioration process will be
• Salt and other chemical treatments used for thawing the streets in winter have a negative influence on shoes. Negative elements attacking their footwear material and stain color. Try to limit
the exposure of the shoes to these chemicals. Always remove the excess of water or snow on the shoes. Use protective creams regularly. The shoes damaged by the chemical substances do not cover
the guarantee.
• White shoes become yellow over time.
• Always dry the shoes after each use – inside the shoe is wet after each use regardless if they were wearied just for short time.
• To dry wet shoes, fill them with newspaper and keep them away from any heat source.

Shoe Lining And Its Use

Lining is of several ways and can help in solving many problems such as flat feet, excessive sweating, burning sole, and cold feet. A good insulation can have many benefits. This helps most problems associated with flat feet. Lining anti – slip helps foot movement in high heels and orthopedic support is most important. You should wear lining of moss forest, which cools the feet and is pleasant to the skin or lining of latex with leather soft containing additives and active carbon to remove odors.

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A good lining eliminates most problems associated with flat feet.

Sustainability depends on maintaining shoes and how they are cared for. Often use several pairs of shoes that should be exchanged, especially during rain. After you take off your shoes, put the shoes in boxes with appropriate measure and use shoes supports especially for those closed in front. Textured and irregular surfaces are specific properties of natural skin. Leather shoes are more prone to color fading due to excessive perspiration or from contact with water. Leather soles must be repaired in time and superior leather shoes do not offer 100% protection against water.

When buying a pair of shoes you should keep in mind that the lining is very important not only the aspect of the shoes.

If You Always Wear Heels You Risk You Cannot Walk On Lower Soles

Although they are the weakness of many women, heels seem to cause more problems than benefits, considering that a recent study shows that there is a risk that their long wearing produces to the ladies the incapacity to wear shoes without heels.

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The researchers scanned the calf muscles of many women wearing normal heels and found that muscle fiber is 13% shorter than those who avoided that kind of shoes, informed Fox News.

Also concluded that tendons are affected and this explains why women complain that ordinary heeled feet hurt when you choose to wear casual shoes.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in northern England, say that when they get to wear shoes without heel, calf muscles are forced to stretch.

“If you wear high heels for two or more than five times a week, muscle fibers became shorter and tendons have strengthened,” said Professor Marco Narici, who led the research.

He recommends women to wear heels and ballet shoes alternative to avoid trouble later.

High heels do not affect only the feet but also the column which can be deformed and there can appear insupportable pains.

Shoes From Recycled Paper

The designer Colin Lin found a unique way to use old newspapers: makes shoes from them.

The Taiwanese designer Colin Lin has found a unique way to use old news papers: makes shoes and purses from them.

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Lin, aged 50 years, says that accessories have become popular in both Taiwan and markets in Europe and the United States.

Lin launched the first collection of ecological accessories late last year and has already sold 4,000 pairs of shoes from recycled paper.

The price of a pair, $ 100 – $ 150, though is not very affordable, considering that this type of shoes is made by hand in 3-4 hours.

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Handbags are even more difficult to accomplish, Lin needing 2-3 days to complete the design of each model, which he then sells for about $ 260.
For accessories to be sustainable, the Taiwanese designer inserts cotton and plastic reinforced.

Colin Lin started as shoes designer 26 years ago and is so pleased with the results from the eco-friendly approach for which has opted in this field, that he recommends to colleagues with confidence to try this method.

The shoes are not only eco-friendly but also very comfortable despite the fact that they are made from paper.