High Heel Shoes That Can Be Worn All Day Without Pain

A British shoe company says it has created some special soles that allow women to wear high heels without feeling pain, cheap-toms.name

Designers from the company Marks & Spencer have created a unique model for high heels soles that combines the concepts of elegance and comfort.
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Soles are designed to move weight from front to heel, giving the impression that the women heels are lower than they are .

The soles have some cushions placed under the heel and arch which increase the body stability and prevent foot to move forward. Designers called this technology Insolia and have served it in creating the collection for spring 20011, which included 35 models of high heels that exceeds 4 inches.
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Who developed this technology is a renowned orthopedic doctor Howard Dananberg .

He indicated that women have twice more arthritic problems, especially at the knees, than men, because of wearing high-heeled shoes. This type of shoe can cause the Achilles tendon shortening, the appearance of corns, and back pain. In more serious cases, high heels may favor the production of fractures .

Some researchers have advanced the idea that wearing high heels in excess can cause infertility .