Adept of flip flops? Think again!

Famous flip-flops have begun their career many years ago, as cheap flip-flops for the beach or for various activities household. Meanwhile, designers have smelled their potential and have included them in their collections, soon managing to transform them in undisputed stars of summer.

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Today, no woman who has her own arsenal misses the flip-flops: simple, rubber, raffia or cloth for beach, in various colors, prints or for street applications, and even glamorous for evening. Undoubtedly, they are perceived as the most comfortable shoes that can be worn in any circumstance.

What are the benefits?

According to experts, flip flops give to the foot some protection in summer, when we stepped on a surface that could injure or cause inconvenience: on holiday on the beach, on a picnic. Also, they are indicated also to prevent fungal contamination in public spaces: the pool, shower, toilet, etc..

What are the disadvantages?

No matter how comfortable they are, flip-flops are contraindicated in long walks, because they do not offer any support for the foot and do not absorb shock. The hardcore adepts can get some leg pain, tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons) and even sprained ankles if they venture into tre

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