All You Should Know About Shoes

Do you want that your shoes to “live” longer? Here are some instructions that can help you to do this thing and also other things that it is good you know about shoes.

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• Before first use, apply shoe polish, even two times if it is necessarily.
• Never use detergent for textile shoes or any other type of material.
• Bright colored and pastel shoes during the time the colors become almost invisible. If you want this not happened you should use regular neutral cream and the deterioration process will be
• Salt and other chemical treatments used for thawing the streets in winter have a negative influence on shoes. Negative elements attacking their footwear material and stain color. Try to limit
the exposure of the shoes to these chemicals. Always remove the excess of water or snow on the shoes. Use protective creams regularly. The shoes damaged by the chemical substances do not cover
the guarantee.
• White shoes become yellow over time.
• Always dry the shoes after each use – inside the shoe is wet after each use regardless if they were wearied just for short time.
• To dry wet shoes, fill them with newspaper and keep them away from any heat source.

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