Animal Print Shoes

Animal print shoes will never go out of trends. Therefore you should know how to match it to not look weird when you leave the house.
Such shoes have a special personality. They will attract eyes in an instant, when you go out from the house with them.

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Combine shoes with an outfit “all black”. It is a sober but a safe choice. If your silhouette allow, you can try a skinny black jeans and a black large shirt (possibly falling over one shoulder). This style you can see at Kate Moss.
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If you want to be bold and sexy, try a molded body red dress above the knees and a pair of leopard print shoes. Remember, the heels have to be at least 10 cm long to make you look taller.

For a girl’s day out, you can stop at wearing blue skinny jeans with a white shirt. Again the animal print shoes will be the best piece.

Do not ever combine an animal print cloth to another. Do not combine colors in print with the rest of the clothes. Try to run away from colors that are on your shoes, orient yourself to other direction.

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