Brogue Shoes – 1st Part

The difference between an ordinary shoe and one with style is the way how it was worked, sewing, and the history that is behind it.

It is like a perfume because compositional mastery choice and proportions of essential oils can make the difference between a temporary perfume and one that last. Brogue shoes are represented by the shoe with decorative perforations. The term derives by the English word “brog”. In some Europe’s parts they are known as Budapest.

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The people who invented these shoes were the Olandish farmers. Because of the watery earth they made holes in thick leather shoes for the water to evaporate faster. In England this pair of shoes started to become popular between foresters and guards and later spread to the aristocrats, the first destination being hunting boots. Once brogue shoes made their way into nobility, they underwent a transformation process. The people who made shoes started to make brogues from a fine and thin leather, so the shapes of the shoes brogues became more elegant.

Another major effect on the shoe was giving up the functionality of the print initial drilling, making it just a decoration. Prints began to be more sensitive. The effects were productive because they gave us two pairs of shoes – full brogue and half brogue – in what concern the perforation used.

But this is not all, more information about brogue shoes in the next article.

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