Give To The Old Shoes A New Image

If you don’t find the perfect shoes, you can make the old ones looking like new.

It is not very easy to start to change a pair of shoes, but if you want to save money it is necessary to take into account this possibility. When you start doing one thing you should not necessarily focus your attention on yours economies, but what do you really need.

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Using glue and several pieces of material you can turn an ordinary pair of shoes in one you are looking for it for months. You need an old pair of leather shoes, thin pieces of paper or stamps, scissors, ribbon, buttons and stickers.

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First of all you should clean very well the shoes. If you use stamps you do not have a lot to do, but if you use pieces of paper you have to cut them into small pieces. Apply them with glue on the shoe and press down with fingers to not stay creases. Cover the top of the shoe the last one, this is the hardest step. After you finish applying a substance so as to make the new shoe will be waterproof.

Finally apply ribbons, buttons or other accessories that you want the new shoe to have.

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