Handy Shoes

An Australian has developed a prototype mobile phone built into a shoe perfectly to wear.

The new brain wave creation of IT expert Paul Gardner-Stephen and one of his friends, shoemaker, require a great flexibility of the body to be used, but has the advantage that it is harder to lift than ordinary mobile phones.

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In the absence of body flexibility, the owner of the gadget that will be sell online is obliged to remove his shoe every time he want to talk on the phone. The device has the same functions as ordinary telephones, is more difficult to detect by unsuspecting eye. Handy shoe is very easy to use. Once it is calling, it only takes few seconds to be removed from the leg and use. It takes even less than if you had taken out of the bag, said Paul, who already tested it for three days in Adelaide.

According to him, although the people who passed by seemed slightly amused, a man who spoke to a shoe does not seem to give much attention.

Paul wants to create a first aid kit that can be worn in the shoe, and special shoes to know if their elders wear it somehow.

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