High Heels: Sexy And … Unhealthy!

High heels are, undoubtedly, the eternal feminine. Any self-respecting woman should have at least one pair of shoes or sandals with heels more than 5 centimeters. We could call them a must, according to fashion. When it comes to health, however, things get complicated.

For beauty, women endure, suffer and make many compromises. Even if it means wearing a shoe that barely manage to keep the balance. If you find yourself in this description, remember: heels and foot health are not compatible!

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Here are several arguments designed to convince you to give up even sometimes heels.

1. Slipping feet, corns and ingrown toenails
Shoes with heels submit your legs to an unnatural position. Your feet will slip, and all the weight will be unevenly supported, only by the front of the feet. It is thus caused a friction between shoes and feet, which gives rise to pressure often painful, corns and ingrown toenails.

2. Position on tips of the feet, Achilles tendon disorders
The Arch position of the foot designed to mold to the shape of shoes with heels lead to incorrect contraction of the Achilles tendon (the largest tendon in the body that allows finger movements) while walking or while running. Necessarily follow joint pains and, in extreme cases, partial or total rupture of the tendon.

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