How To Wear Boots In Summer

Few think of boots as summer shoes, but stylists recommend them as an accessory as hot as the sun. Courageous women in terms fashion they wear no matter what, ignoring the turned heads and wondering eyes. Boots look very cool at skirts, mini dresses and pants.

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The most famous and most controversial in summer boots are models from Australians UGG. Thick and with fur, seem more than warm, but the owners, become true fans once they have purchased them, they know in summer are very casual. Made from sheep’s wool, UGG boots have become a cult among celebrities, which harmonizes on jeans on, silk or cotton.

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They find their place next to almost any material and color, making it the most obvious enhancement of an outfit. For an eccentric touch, you can match even the swimsuit on the beach. Note, however, especially in this case, harmonize them perfectly to some tonic and tanned legs, even if you are mignon like Eva Longoria or high as Elle MacPherson.

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Finally, if you are not crazy about sheep wool UGG brand, try a thin pair of boots, suede, airy and eventually perforated in different patterns. They wear below the knee, mid-thigh or above the ankle. If you have thin legs, put them in evidence with a pair that can collect around the joints. Casual outfit are a nice summer for an exit to the terrace, a walk in the park or outdoor party.

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