I Want Those Shoes! What About You?

The preference for a certain type of shoes divides women in different camps and spiritual categories.

Paola Jacobbi in “I want those shoes!” addresses both ladies for helping them to understand their passion, and men, because it is a key that opens the padlock that hides the feminine mystery.

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Moccasin: feel divine
Moccasin shoe is comfortable by excellence, no frill shoe, for women who are very busy. Women, who drive, do sports, which did not have time for frippery. But bourgeois women especially, grown in environments where the mere sight of heels is something “vulgar”, where any hint either distant, to sex, is silenced in the name of discretion. And what’s more discreet than a pair of moccasins?

Life at the top
Shoes with pointed tip, in general, stretch and make the legs look thinner. Unfortunately, do not distract others eye from other imperfections: not saving a footballer pulp and an ankle a little crank. Instead, they emphasize risk, unlike the more rounded or square tips. And yet … Shoe sharp points as a banned game.

Ballet shoes and eternal desire to be Audrey
Ballet shoes are the equivalent of the white shirt: simple, elegant, classic chic that did not oblige. Both white shirt and ballet shoes are inextricably tied to Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon never matched.

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