Learn To Walk In Heels Without Any Discomfort

Heels, and especially high, can make you bitter days, even if the view that it provides can be extremely … sweet! Several hours perched on a sexy pair of sandals can give back and leg pain, and often, your soles are most affected.

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So here are some tips from specialists to help you last longer than a few minutes on the heels:

  1. As the heels are higher, the more evident will be the tend to lean forward or back when we walk. Sometimes, in order to ease the situation, we tend to bound too much the knee during the walking. All this effort to resist to uncomfortable shoes creates only pain.
  2. Do not sit hunched not shrug your shoulders and do not pull back too much the buttocks. You are not on the podium, your position should be natural, not tortured, like top-model.
  3. On the bad road avoid pressure on the heel.
    When climbing stairs, sitting on the edge of the top half of sole stairs, when down, watch where you put your foot, but not move the entire head for it.
  4. How about a new pair of shoes (sandals) heels? Wear it a time in the house; buy silicone padding to ease the task of the supporting leg.

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