Mexicans Crazy About Pointy Boots! Will You Wear It?

Believe it or not, but there are people who wear this boots with long sharp tip and they do it with pride and pleasure!

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If you think it’s a hoax, contrived by some men who want revenge on their lovers obsessed with shoes, you are wrong. This fashion started in Mexico in the city of Matehuala, and for the moment it remained there. Mexicans say this fashion started on one side of the current music and on the other hand, it is a competition between farmers – who wear pointy boots. And so they started making them increasingly pointy, until things got out of control. The pointy part of the shoes is made a part by plastic hose and the other is leather. They give this shape by using screws.

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Even if they are not very practical, the Mexicans think they are cool and wear them with delight. A home-born is proud that he made in just three days, a pair of boots with the peak long of 210 cm, so he earned the respect of all other farmers.

Would you wear something like this? Do you thing is it a good idea to import this type of shoes from Mexico

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