Shoe Lining And Its Use

Lining is of several ways and can help in solving many problems such as flat feet, excessive sweating, burning sole, and cold feet. A good insulation can have many benefits. This helps most problems associated with flat feet. Lining anti – slip helps foot movement in high heels and orthopedic support is most important. You should wear lining of moss forest, which cools the feet and is pleasant to the skin or lining of latex with leather soft containing additives and active carbon to remove odors.

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A good lining eliminates most problems associated with flat feet.

Sustainability depends on maintaining shoes and how they are cared for. Often use several pairs of shoes that should be exchanged, especially during rain. After you take off your shoes, put the shoes in boxes with appropriate measure and use shoes supports especially for those closed in front. Textured and irregular surfaces are specific properties of natural skin. Leather shoes are more prone to color fading due to excessive perspiration or from contact with water. Leather soles must be repaired in time and superior leather shoes do not offer 100% protection against water.

When buying a pair of shoes you should keep in mind that the lining is very important not only the aspect of the shoes.

If You Always Wear Heels You Risk You Cannot Walk On Lower Soles

Although they are the weakness of many women, heels seem to cause more problems than benefits, considering that a recent study shows that there is a risk that their long wearing produces to the ladies the incapacity to wear shoes without heels.

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The researchers scanned the calf muscles of many women wearing normal heels and found that muscle fiber is 13% shorter than those who avoided that kind of shoes, informed Fox News.

Also concluded that tendons are affected and this explains why women complain that ordinary heeled feet hurt when you choose to wear casual shoes.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in northern England, say that when they get to wear shoes without heel, calf muscles are forced to stretch.

“If you wear high heels for two or more than five times a week, muscle fibers became shorter and tendons have strengthened,” said Professor Marco Narici, who led the research.

He recommends women to wear heels and ballet shoes alternative to avoid trouble later.

High heels do not affect only the feet but also the column which can be deformed and there can appear insupportable pains.

Shoes From Recycled Paper

The designer Colin Lin found a unique way to use old newspapers: makes shoes from them.

The Taiwanese designer Colin Lin has found a unique way to use old news papers: makes shoes and purses from them.

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Lin, aged 50 years, says that accessories have become popular in both Taiwan and markets in Europe and the United States.

Lin launched the first collection of ecological accessories late last year and has already sold 4,000 pairs of shoes from recycled paper.

The price of a pair, $ 100 – $ 150, though is not very affordable, considering that this type of shoes is made by hand in 3-4 hours.

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Handbags are even more difficult to accomplish, Lin needing 2-3 days to complete the design of each model, which he then sells for about $ 260.
For accessories to be sustainable, the Taiwanese designer inserts cotton and plastic reinforced.

Colin Lin started as shoes designer 26 years ago and is so pleased with the results from the eco-friendly approach for which has opted in this field, that he recommends to colleagues with confidence to try this method.

The shoes are not only eco-friendly but also very comfortable despite the fact that they are made from paper.