Shoes From Recycled Paper

The designer Colin Lin found a unique way to use old newspapers: makes shoes from them.

The Taiwanese designer Colin Lin has found a unique way to use old news papers: makes shoes and purses from them.

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Lin, aged 50 years, says that accessories have become popular in both Taiwan and markets in Europe and the United States.

Lin launched the first collection of ecological accessories late last year and has already sold 4,000 pairs of shoes from recycled paper.

The price of a pair, $ 100 – $ 150, though is not very affordable, considering that this type of shoes is made by hand in 3-4 hours.

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Handbags are even more difficult to accomplish, Lin needing 2-3 days to complete the design of each model, which he then sells for about $ 260.
For accessories to be sustainable, the Taiwanese designer inserts cotton and plastic reinforced.

Colin Lin started as shoes designer 26 years ago and is so pleased with the results from the eco-friendly approach for which has opted in this field, that he recommends to colleagues with confidence to try this method.

The shoes are not only eco-friendly but also very comfortable despite the fact that they are made from paper.

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