What Shoes Men Hate At Women

Usually, we think that men are not even aware of the accessories we choose when we compose an outfit. Trends in terms of shoes that men just hate to a woman will prove us how wrong we were.

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Boots like “Puss in boots”

For many women, these shoes can be an eccentric and interesting alternative to jeans or dress suit, especially they have the effect of thinning the legs. But for men, a woman with these boots accessorized reminiscent not only the story of Puss in Boots. Therefore, if you love very much this model of shoe wear it to a better night out with girls and in any case at a meeting with the man that you love.

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Ballet shoes with a sharp point

Comfort is not always the best principle by which you should take when you want to impress a man. If he repeatedly see you wearing this shoe model he can bend also of your ability to walk on heels, besides the design and look that he will consider simply stupid.

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Women’s sabots may seem interesting, considering that there are many models more or less fancy. But men do not get crazy about you when you wear it.


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