What Should You Consider When You Buy Sport Shoes?

Researchers do not recommend people who run on a regular basis to do this sport without shoes or to stop running.

If the running shoes that you use are not sufficiently comfortable or injure you, you must change them. If you run regularly, it is recommended to try several types of sport shoes until you find the right ones. It is also advisable to buy 2-3 pairs of shoes to change them often.
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It is important to choose your shoes for running according to foot pronation (standard position of all tibia-fibula). If you have normal hollow foot, any sport shoe will fit you. Athletes with over-pronation are advised to use shoes that control pronation, while runners with under-pronation shoes will fit without pockets, which ensure natural foot movement.

Here are some tips from the American Association of Orthopedic Surgery:

  • Probe shoes with the same type of socks you are using them;
  • Make sure you can easily move your fingers after you’ve tied shoe laces and the heel does not slip when you step;
  • Try to make a few steps or walk a little through the store to make sure shoes are comfortable;
  • Always tie well your shoelaces when you try on the shoes, just to see if they are fixed;
  • If your job involves fieldwork, buy lightweight and comfortable shoes.



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